Users and Organizations

Each account can create different organizations, add different members under the organization, and share projects within the members.

Create Organization

Step01: Click [Personal], a dialog box will pop up.

Step02: Click the [+] button to bring up a dialog box to create an organization.

Step03: Fill in the Organization name and click [Submit] to store it.

Step04: Finally, in order to view the organization just created, users can click on the Personal Center in the upper right corner of the page to view and edit organization information.

Add organization members

For adding organization members, users should first select organization.

Click [Organization] in the Personal Center to enter the main interface of Organization. Users can click on the currently displayed organization, or switch between different organizations. In our example, aptos is selected.

Step01: Click the [Invite a member] button.

Step02: In the member invitation dialog box, you need to fill in the email and select role of the member to be invited. Then click [Submit] to save.

Step03: After adding members successfully, the current list of members and their status will be displayed in the member list.

Step04: After the invited user receives the email, he/she needs to click the invitation link in the email to enter the MetaTrust website, and then click the [Join] button. After the system gives the message "Save successfully", the user can become a member of the organization.

Step05: Finally, Refresh the main screen of the organization and you can see that the status of the invited user has changed to joined.

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