🍟Dimensions in portrait system

The MetaScore portrait system aims to describe the health status of Web3 projects in the open source ecosystem under a security background. We have created six dimensions to build the Web3 project portrait system: Security Development, Security Investment, Transaction Risk, IP Risk, Code Quality Risk, and Development Process Risk.

Security Development: This dimension aims to evaluate the vulnerabilities and malicious code in the project's smart contract code to discover potential exploitable vulnerabilities and prevent investors from falling into trading traps.

Security Investment: This dimension aims to evaluate the project's investment in security, including whether there are dedicated security teams or experts involved in project development, as well as whether security audits, bug bounty programs, and insurance are implemented.

Transaction Risk: This dimension aims to evaluate the security and reliability of the project's smart contract in transactions, as well as whether the project adopts secure asset management and transaction processes to protect users' assets and privacy.

IP Risk: This dimension aims to evaluate the risk brought by code cloning and the legal risks of the project's intellectual property and code copyright, as well as whether the project follows relevant intellectual property laws and regulations to protect the interests of the project team and investors.

Code Quality Risk: This dimension aims to evaluate the quality, structure, and maintainability of the project's code to ensure the reliability and scalability of the code.

Development Process Risk(Coming soon): This dimension aims to evaluate the security practices, code review, and testing processes of the project's code in the development process, as well as whether the best security practices are adopted to ensure the security and stability of the code.

By evaluating these dimensions, we can comprehensively and deeply understand the security status of Web3 projects and provide more accurate security assessments and risk warnings for project teams and investors. We are committed to providing the most comprehensive and accurate security assessment tools to help the Web3 community and investors build trustworthy projects and promote the sustainable development of Web3.

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