Open Source Analyzer

Open Source Analyzer (also known as SCA, Software Supply-Chain Analyzer) is a powerful engine designed to identify, monitor, and manage the various components and their dependencies within software. it provides developers and security experts with an in-depth understanding of software composition, enabling them to more effectively control risks and ensure system security.

Key features include:

  1. Open-source component identification: SCA can automatically detect open-source components and version information used in software, facilitating tracking and management of open-source dependencies.

  2. License compliance: SCA can review software component licenses, ensuring that businesses adhere to relevant regulations and compliance requirements.

  3. Security vulnerability detection: SCA can identify known security flaws and risks, assisting developers in promptly patching vulnerabilities and reducing system security risks.

  4. Dependency analysis: SCA can analyze the dependency structure between components, helping developers understand component interaction relationships and potential risk points.

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