Step01: Import a Project

Click [Projects] -> [Add Project], Users can choose the following two methods to add projects to be scanned, as shown in the following figures.

Method 1: By GitHub

After selecting GitHub, you can select the project [v3-core], and finally click the [confirm] button to import this project.

Method 2: Upload

You can also import projects by uploading local files following the guide.

The main screen for selecting the file to upload will then pop up. The user can click on the [upload] icon in the middle to upload the document, or drag document to that area to complete the operation of uploading files. For our example here, we uploaded the local file:

Finally, after uploading the file successfully, click the [Upload] button to complete the local upload.

After successfully uploading local files, the main screen displays the currently uploaded projects.

Step02: Setting the scan configuration

Engine configuration:

After the user clicks the [Start Scan] button located on the right side of the imported project, MetaScan will confirm the engine configuration with the user.

Standard configuration

Moreover, users can also click "Advanced Scan Settings" to set personalized parameter configuration.

Step03: Start Scanning

After the project scanning parameters are configured, users can click the [Start Scan] button to start scanning the project automatically. The project will be in scanning status.

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