MetaScore is an innovative platform dedicated to providing comprehensive and valuable security insights by deeply analyzing smart contract codes in Web3 projects. As a value-neutral platform, MetaScore automatically identifies project security risks, serving a diverse user base including investors, project owners, developers, and Web3 media. Our services cover various aspects, such as project security rankings, real-time project security risk alerts, Web3 big data trend dashboard, and Web3 project technology trends.

Firstly, to implement project security rankings, we've constructed a multi-dimensional Web3 project security scoring and rating model. By scanning smart contract codes with our proprietary engine, we identify potential risks and generate comprehensive scores. This helps investors to fully assess the security of Web3 projects and make informed decisions. At the same time, project owners can understand their project's security position within the industry and take appropriate measures to enhance security.

Secondly, leveraging MetaScout's round-the-clock multi-chain transaction monitoring and Migration Attack Analyzer's migration attack detection capabilities, MetaScore provides users with real-time risk information for their followed projects. This enables investors and project owners to respond to risks promptly, protecting assets and avoiding financial losses.

Furthermore, we showcase the Web3 big data trend dashboard from multiple perspectives, revealing the overall security risk landscape for various stakeholders while continuously providing news materials for Web3 media.

Lastly, with IP Analyzer's code clone analysis, we offer MetaStack analysis for each Web3 project, displaying the technical frameworks and templates used in the projects. We also present the industry's technology framework evolution from a macro perspective, assisting project builders in tracking advanced security technologies and reducing security risks.

In summary, MetaScore empowers the Web3 community to build and invest in decentralized projects confidently through comprehensive security analysis and risk assessment, driving Web3's progress.

It is worth noting that to prevent security risk information from being maliciously exploited, MetaScore displays differentiated security risk information for different user types. For ordinary investors, we only display risk statistics identified in various dimensions. Upon automatically identifying and manually confirming a severe risk in a project, we promptly notify the project owner and, after verifying their identity, provide the specific risk location. Simultaneously, we offer corresponding repair suggestions, helping project owners resolve issues in a short time.By adopting this approach, MetaScore ensures that security information is not maliciously exploited while providing project owners with timely security risk alerts and solutions to protect the overall security and stability of the Web3 ecosystem.

Through continuous optimization of our services and technology, MetaScore strives to become the most trusted Web3 project security analysis platform in the industry. Our goal is to provide comprehensive security services to a diverse user base, including investors, project owners, developers, and Web3 media, fostering the healthy development of the entire Web3 industry. We believe that through our efforts and expertise, MetaScore will earn the trust and support of a wide range of users, contributing to building a safer Web3 world.

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