Overview of MetaScan


MetaScan adopts a revolutionary approach that puts developers first. It integrates multiple security scanning engines into a single platform with unprecedented speed and accuracy, ensuring the protection of every layer of the application, not just the smart contract layer.MetaScan security platform includes multiple critical engines:

MetaScan security platform includes multiple critical engines:

  • Security Analyzer: Detect security vulnerabilities in smart contracts.

  • Security Prover: Prove free of vulnerability in smart contracts using formal methods.

  • GPTScan: Harnessing the Potential of GPT for Accurate Vulnerability Detection.

  • Open Source Analyzer: Supply chain analysis tool which pinpoints vulnerabilities in a developer's open-source dependencies early in the entire software development lifecycle.

  • IP Analyzer: Detect vulnerabilities in smart contracts caused by code clones.

  • Code Quality: Detect contract code quality and code convention compliance.


MetaScan provides multiple ways to utilize the product:


The MetaScan Web UI at offers a user-friendly, browser-based experience. It incorporates features like organization management, issue filtering, and report generation for resolving identified issues.

API Integration

Experienced users and partners have the option to leverage MetaScan's APIs to explore its functionalities. The APIs encompass a wide range of common operations that can be performed on the web platform, including project creation, scan execution, and retrieval of scan results.

The API documentation can be accessed at

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