Set Up an Integration (Optional)

If you plan to scan your GitHub repositories for vulnerability, you need to setup an integration and grant access of your repositories to MetaScan.

This step can be skipped if you plan to scan code in a public repository or in an uploaded zip-file.

Integration Types

Users can set the appropriate source code platform where the projects to be scanned are located.

Example: Setting up source code management integration

If you want to scan projects in Git's source code platform, you will need to use Git Repository Integration to connect. MetaScan has pre-built integrations for GitHub, with subsequent extensions for other repositories GitLab, Bitbucket, etc.

First, after the user logs in successfully, click [Integrations] to enter its main interface.

Next, click on the source code platform (e.g., GitHub) to integrate with MetaScan.

Finally, to grant MetaScan access to the source code platform, enter your account credentials and save your information when prompted.

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